This Kent based brass band has its roots in the days when East Kent possessed three major working collieries with their almost obligatory brass bands. The collieries no longer exist but the bands, Snowdown and Betteshanger, continue as they always did.

Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band was formed in 1926 and consisted entirely of miners from the colliery. We currently have 25 to 30 members. We currently do not have any players who were miners themselves, although we do have members whose fathers or grandfathers were miners and played in the band.

The Snowdown Colliery Welfare Brass Band is entirely self supporting and perform at local fetes, fairs, bandstands, concerts and is an active contesting band.

It is only with the help of a hard-working committee and dedicated players, who give their services for the love of music and the thrill of performing in public, that the band continues.

If you would like, or are thinking of coming to band, please contact someone (Contacts Page) to check rehearsal times.

New Players always welcome. We practice every Wednesday night at 7.30 on Wednesday evenings. You can find us by looking at our Find Us page.


Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band is a member of the Snowdown Welfare Club, which is a Registered Charity (Charity Number: 302675)