Hyde Park

The band hopes to play their part in reviving further interest in brass band concerts at one of London”s most famous bandstands when they perform at the recently refurbished Hyde Park Bandstand later this year.

Their invitation came from Sue Price, the Chair of the Friends of Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens, who have been trying to bring back the sound of brass bands on a regular basis to a venue that was once one of the most sought after in the country.

Originally built in 1869, it stood in Kensington Gardens before being moved to Hyde Park in 1886, where its octagonal roof was renowned for giving particularly good acoustics for an open air venue.

In the heyday of summer brass band tour engagements the likes of Foden”s would perform twice a day to large crowds — even during the Second World War, although according to Harry Mortimer, he recalled being more worried about the sound of V1 doodlebug V1 rockets than any misplaced entries!

The bandstand also played host to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers in their 1935 film “Top Hat”, although during the last 25 years or so brass band concerts declined due to cuts in the parks entertainment and performance budgets.

They are hoping to bring back brass bands on a regular basis and it”s a fantastic venue, just a stone”s throw from the Royal Albert Hall