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Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band is a member of the Snowdown Welfare Club, which is a Registered Charity (Charity Number: 302675)


Eb Bass :: Roger Carr

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Mini bio coming soon.

Eb Bass :: Dee (Deborah) Hazell

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I started learning trumpet at the age of 11 and stopped playing for a while when I left school. I started again and joined Epsom & Ewell on 3rd cornet at the age of 23. I played with them for 8 years the last 2 of which were on 2nd Baritone. I then moved to Essex and had a short spell on Baritone with Southend Band and stopped playing when I became pregnant. After a couple of years break I then joined Faversham brass on Baritone and Euphonium having moved to Kent. After a very happy time there I moved to Snowdown on Euphonium as I wished to be part of a contesting band and have been with the band about 5 or 6 years.

BBb Bass :: Michael Carr

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Michael joined the Junior section of the Snowdown Band in 1960 (aged 12) on Euphonium. He progressed to the Senior Band in 1962 where he played 2nd Baritone. He played in this position in his first ever contest at the Mineworkers Festival in Blackpool at the ripe old age of 14.

He was promoted to Euphonium and played his first solo in the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, aged 15.

Micheal moved to the cornet section and played Repiano and then Solo Cornet for a few years. This was followed by a move to Tuba (to help out, when the band lost about 15 players). As the band regained its strength, Micheal moved back to Euphonium and Solo Euphonium where he stayed for many years.

Micheal then had a two year break from banding and returned to play 1st Baritone and then back onto Tuba when a vacancy occurred.

Micheal likes gardening, cycling, walking and (don\'t tell his wife ;-) avoiding his grandchildren as much as possible!
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18 August 2019
Hyde Park Bandstand, London

14 December 2019
St. Martins HC, Dover

22 December 2019
King Ethelbert Inn (Carols - small band)


Band Humour

Q. How do you know when a trumpet player is at your door?
A. The doorbell shrieks!