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Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band is a member of the Snowdown Welfare Club, which is a Registered Charity (Charity Number: 302675)

Library Search - COMPOSER contains Richards, Goff

Title Composer Arranger Style
Barnard Castle Richards, Goff - March
Brass Blues Richards, Goff Richards, Goff Blues
Breezin` Down Broadway! - Richards, Goff Show
Buffalo Bill Bonanza, A - Richards, Goff Descriptive
Christmas Piece Richards, Goff - Christmas
City Cruiser Richards, Goff - Descriptive
Confection for Brass Richards, Goff Dance
Country Scene Richards, Goff - Descriptive
Disney Fantasy, A - Richards, Goff Selection
Golden Lady Richards, Goff - -
Hora Staccato Dinicu/Heifetz Richards, Goff
I Will Follow Him - Richards, Goff Hymn
James Bond Collection - Richards, Goff Film/TV
Kirkby Lonsdale Richards, Goff - March
Lets Face the Music and Dance Berlin, Irving Richards, Goff -
Light as Air - Richards, Goff -
Love is Forever Richards, Goff Song
Midnight Euphonium Richards, Goff - -
Over the Rainbow Arlen & Harburg Richards, Goff Film/TV
Pastorale Richards, Goff - Descriptive
Shepherd's Song, The - Richards, Goff Traditional
Songs of the Quay Richards, Goff Popular Tune
Special Place, A Richards, Goff - Slow
Strike up the Band Gershwin, George Richards, Goff -
There's No Business Like Show Business Berlin, Irving Richards, Goff Film/TV
Trailblaze Richards, Goff - Descriptive
Trish Trash Polka Straus, JS Richards, Goff Polka
Zorba's Dance Theodorakis, Mikis Richards, Goff Descriptive

Next 3 Gigs

12 December 2017
Selsted School

15 December 2017
St finbars Aylesham

16 December 2017
Sandwich Town Party

News Bites

19 Jan 2017 - Website got a bit of a tidy up and update. More to come with a "New" and "Improved" site coming soon

20 Aug 2014 - Monday's job postcode is CT15 4AN.

30 May 2012 - Thanks to all those that could make it this morning (Wednesday) , for the French Students who visited the village for their studies into Mining and it's communities. We had a good question and answer time after some playing and they seemed happy with all they heard.

28 May 2012 - New photo added to Band Photo Album of Mick Sole in 1962.

29 Apr 2012 - First outing in the SCABA 2nd section and we got a 5th place (out of 8). Well done band!

18 Apr 2012 - Latest Band photo (with 2011 trophies) used as new website header. Also new photos added to the band photo album.

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Band Humour

Q. What's the difference between a trumpet and a chain saw?
A. Vibrato, though you can minimize this difference by holding the chain saw very still.