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Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band is a member of the Snowdown Welfare Club, which is a Registered Charity (Charity Number: 302675)

Library Search - STYLE contains Descriptive

Title Composer Arranger Style
Beautiful Colorado De Luca Boddington, Stanley H Descriptive
Born Free Barry, John Catherall, Alan Descriptive
Buffalo Bill Bonanza, A - Richards, Goff Descriptive
City Cruiser Richards, Goff - Descriptive
Country Scene Richards, Goff - Descriptive
Drake Goes West Sanderson, Wilfred Descriptive
East Anglia Haan, Jacob De - Descriptive
Flight of the Tees Langford, Gordon Langford, Gordon Descriptive
Holy Well, The Graham, Peter - Descriptive
I Hear You Calling Me MacCunn, Hamish Marshall, Chas Descriptive
In Perfect Peace Downie, Kenneth Descriptive
Intercity Barry, Darrol - Descriptive
Londonderry Air - Colman, Gordon Descriptive
MacGregors Patrol Campbell, Ewan - Descriptive
Malvern Suite, A Sparke, P - Descriptive
Nordic Trilogy, A (Hymn To Odin) Barry, Darrol - Descriptive
Orient Express Sparke, P Descriptive
Out of Africa Barry, John Barry, Darrol Descriptive
Padstow Lifeboat Arnold, Malcolm - Descriptive
Parade of the Tin Soldiers Jessel, Leon - Descriptive
Pastorale Richards, Goff - Descriptive
Phantom Brigade, The Myddleton, W.H. - Descriptive
Plantagenents, The Gregson, Edward Descriptive
Post Horn Gallop Koenig - Descriptive
Procession of the Sirdar Ivanov Sparke, P Descriptive
Remember the Miner Barry, Darrol Descriptive
Take Me Home Edwards and Hand Descriptive
Thames Valley Geehl, H - Descriptive
Tick Tock Serenade - Siebert, Edrich Descriptive
Tijuana Brass in Concert Howard, Alan Descriptive
Trailblaze Richards, Goff - Descriptive
Turkish Patrol Morcean Michaelis, TH Descriptive
Walk in the Black Forrest Jankowski, Horst Siebert, Edrich Descriptive
Wild West Morricone, Ennio Smith, Sandy Descriptive
Zorba's Dance Theodorakis, Mikis Richards, Goff Descriptive

Next 3 Gigs

19 December 2018
Tesco Whitfield

21 December 2018
Cliffe Woods - Carols

22 December 2018
Tesco Whitfield


Band Humour

Q. How do you improve the aerodynamics of a trumpeter's car?
A. Take the Domino's Pizza sign off the roof.