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Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band is a member of the Snowdown Welfare Club, which is a Registered Charity (Charity Number: 302675)

Library Search - STYLE contains Selection

Title Composer Arranger Style
Arcadians, The (selection) Monckton, Lionel Selection
Bandology Osterling, Eric Wright, Frank Selection
Best of Abba ABBA Bernaerts, Frank Selection
Best Songs Ever various Kernen, Roland Selection
Black and White Minstrels - Siebert, Edrich Selection
Community Land (No 2) - Stodden, RS Selection
Disney Fantasy, A - Richards, Goff Selection
Eric Coates for Brass - Street, Allen Selection
Eternal Flame - Bernaerts, Frank Selection
Instant Concert Walters, Harold L - Selection
Kings Rhapsody Novello, Ivor Wright, Dennis Selection
Merry Widow, The Le Har, Frans - Selection
Mexican Fiesta Hanmer, Ronald - Selection
Mikado, The (Selection No 1) Sullivan, Arthur - Selection
Mikado, The (Selection No 2) Sullivan, Arthur - Selection
Mozart 40 Kelsey, B & Rich, Ellis Royston, N Selection
Music for Brass Band Dalby, Martin - Selection
My Fair Lady Loewe, Frederick Duthoit, W.J. (ARCM) Selection
New Sullivan Selection Sullivan, Arthur Wright, Dennis Selection
Old Brigade, The - Siebert, Edrich Selection
Opera Pops - Howard, Alan Selection
Paint Your Wagon Loewe, Frederick Duro, Stephen Selection
Rhapsody on Sea Shanties Langford, Gordon - Selection
Roaring 20's, The - Siebert, Edrich Selection
Salute to Sullivan Sullivan, Arthur Siebert, Edrich Selection
Sinatra in Concert - Spencer, K R Selection
Sing-a-long No. 2 Siebert, Edrich - Selection
Singalong No 1 - Siebert, Edrich Selection
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Churchill, Frank Wright, Dennis Selection
Sound of Music Rogers, Richard Wright, Dennis Selection
South Pacific Rogers, Richard Wright, Dennis Selection
Student Prince Romberg, Sigmund Hume, John Ord Selection
Sutherlands Law Elms, Albert Woodfield Ray Selection
Sylvia Ballet Delibes Wright, Dennis Selection
Tales of Hoffman Offenbach / Giraud Wright, Frank Selection
Theme from the 9th Symphony Beethoven, Ludvig von Ball, Eric Selection
Things Ain't Wot They Used t' Be Bart, Lionel Smith, J McInnes Selection
Thistle, The Myddleton, W.H. Wright, Dennis Selection
Through the 30's - Siebert, Edrich Selection
Tijuana Brass - Siebert, Edrich Selection
Vagabond King, The Friml, Rudolf Hume, Ord Selection
Viva Beethoven Beethoven, Ludvig von Hume, Ord Selection
West Side Story Bernstein, Leonard Wright, Dennis Selection
Wild Wild West Hanmer, Ronald - Selection
Wright Selection - Siebert, Edrich Selection
Sousa on Parade Sousa Palmer, King March Selection

Next 3 Gigs

01 December 2018
Aylesham Christmas Lights Switch-On

08 December 2018
St Martins HC Dover

09 December 2018
Minster concert


Band Humour

Q. How many drummers does it take to change a light bulb?
A. None. They have a machine that does that now.