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Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band is a member of the Snowdown Welfare Club, which is a Registered Charity (Charity Number: 302675)

Band Photo Album

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2004 : Front:Stan Partner, Ritchie Fraser, Trevor Chapman, Dennis Gabitas (Band Presedent), Kevin Spencer (Musical Director), Richard Baker, Gordon Mynard, Michael Carr Middle:Andrew Woodward, Alan Howard, ?, Shirley Carr, Jenny Gibbons, John Fagg, Stevie ?, Audrey Hards, Fred Hards Back:Trevor Wesley, David Black, ?, Suzy Tigwell, Richard Hazel, Heather Watkins, ?, Keith Pritchard

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Band Humour

Q. Did you hear about the time the bass player locked his keys in the car?
A. Yeah, it took two hours to get the drummer out.