Bandsman Bio

Heather Watkins
2nd Cornet
Heathers interest in brass banding started whilst at secondary school. The school at that time had an orchestra and a very good brass band. Heather wasn`t very interested in the orchestra because she Didn`t much like the Squeaky violins, but did enjoy listening to the brass band. Heather remembers thinking `I would like to play in that band`, even though the band were all boys! Heather was given the opportunity to have brass lessons, initially on the Cornet and then on Eb Tenor Horn. and it wasn`t long before she was the first female member of the school band. Heather then joined Mayfield Silver Band and was introduced to the world of contesting with both Mayfield and the school bands. Following a few years break to follow her nursing career, moving away, studying etc. she started playing again and joined the Margate Silver Band, the Royal Naval Association Band (Ramsgate) and finally with persuation from Audrey Hards, now playes for the Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band. Heather also currently plays for the St. Peters and Broadstairs Concert Band. Heather says, I have had tremendous pleasure in making music over the years and hope to continue for many more years to come.