Concert Programme

Church of St Mary in the Castle, Dover

14 Oct 2007 at 16:00

Stars and Stripes Forever
( Arranged by:Howard, Alan )
Sound of Music
( Composed by: Rogers, Richard and arranged by:Wright, Dennis )
My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
( Arranged by:Langford, Gordon )
Spanish Eyes (1)
( Composed by: Singleton/Snyder and arranged by:Bryce, Frank )
Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square, A
( Composed by: Maschwitz and Sherwin and arranged by:Fernie, Alan )
Don't it Make My Browns Eyes Blue
( Composed by: Leigh, Richard and arranged by:Barry, Darrol )
Chit Chat Polka
( Composed by: Straus, JS and arranged by:Pope, DA )
Blaydon Races
( Arranged by:Langford, Gordon )
All You Need is Love
( Composed by: Beatles, The and arranged by:Oud, Thijs )
Floral Dance, The
( Composed by: Moss, Katie and arranged by:Broadbent, Derek )
Goldcrest, March
( Composed by: Anderson, James )