Concert Programme

Walmer St Mary's Church

15 Nov 2014 at 19:30

West Side Story
( Composed by: Bernstein, Leonard and arranged by:Wright, Dennis )
Gabriel's Oboe
( Composed by: Morricone, Ennio and arranged by:Bertie, David )
Bring Him Home (Sop Solo)
( Composed by: Schonberg/Kretzmer and arranged by:Wilkinson, K )
Hymn To The Fallen
( Composed by: Williams, John and arranged by:Woude, Klaas van der )
Deep Inside the Sacred Temple
( Composed by: Bizet and arranged by:Wilkinson, K )
Essential Jospeh, The
( Composed by: Webber, Andrew Lloyd and arranged by:Steadman-Allen, Ray )
( Composed by: Myers, Stanley and arranged by:Broadbent, Derek )
Pirates of the Caribbean
( Composed by: Badelt, Klaus and arranged by:Blanken, John )
-=-=-=-=-=- Interval -=-=-=-=-=-
( - )
Phantom of the Opera, The
( Composed by: Webber, Andrew Lloyd and arranged by:Wormald, C )
Sandpaper Ballet
( Composed by: Anderson, Leroy and arranged by:Brand, G )
Sound of Music
( Composed by: Rogers, Richard and arranged by:Wright, Dennis )
Frozen, Symphonic Hightlights from
( Composed by: Anderson-Lopez:Kristen and arranged by:Bulla Steven )
Shrek, Theme From
( Composed by: Powell, John and arranged by:Fernie, Alan )
James Bond Collection
( Arranged by:Richards, Goff )