Concert Programme

Coldred Fete.

24 Jun 2016 at 18:00

Death or Glory
( Composed by: Hall, RB )
Hello Dolly
( Composed by: Herman, Jerry and arranged by:Howe, JH )
Early One Morning
( Composed by: Seymour, Frank )
Yellow Submarine
( Composed by: Lenon & McCartney and arranged by:Fernie, Alan )
Salute to Sullivan
( Composed by: Sullivan, Arthur and arranged by:Siebert, Edrich )
Floral Dance, The
( Composed by: Moss, Katie and arranged by:Broadbent, Derek )
Ashokan Farewell, The
( Composed by: Ungar, Jay and arranged by:Fernie, Alan )
( Composed by: Williams, Pharrell and arranged by:Brown, Michael )
Highland Cathedral
( Composed by: Korb,Michael and arranged by:Lorriman, Howard )
Paloma Blanca
( Composed by: Bouwens, J and arranged by:Siebert, Edrich )