Middle of Band Plays Musical Chairs

Today the middle sections of the band have had a re-shuffle. The following moves have now occurred:

  • Ritchie (Principal Euph) moves to 2nd Euphonium as commitments outside the band increase.
  • Rachel (2nd Euph) moves to 1st Euphonium.
  • Mike (1st Trom) moves to Principal Euphonium.
  • Dee (2nd Euph) moves to 1st Baritone
  • Richard (1st Bari) moved to 2nd Euphonium
  • Terry (1st Bari) moves to 2nd Baritone

This means that the band now are looking for players to fill the following vacancies:

  • Tutti Solo Cornet
  • Trombone (Position now filled)